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Regatta Compass

The Regatta Compass is a 3 Axis stabalized Gyrocompass without moving Parts.Heading integrated with the three-axis rate gyro and three-axis accelerometer data allows the Regatta Compass to maintain 2° of accuracy even if the vessel is pitching and rolling up to 30°. This level of accuracy is perfect for interfacing for your autopilot. 


Better than 1° heading accuracy in static conditions

Best-in-class 2° heading accuracy in dynamic conditions

Three-axis solid-state compass provides heading data

Three-axis accelerometer provides pitch and roll data

Three-axis rate gyro provides rate-of-turn data

Only recreational heading sensor that uses a three-axis rate gyro

Compass calibration can be easily done on any display or PC

Easily mounts on any angled bulkhead

IPX6 waterproof enclosure

Default 10 Hz update rate for heading (HDG)

Optional: Regatta compass interface for connection to your NKE-BUS.
If you are using the Fluxgatecompass and you really want to improve your System than you have to go for it.



This fluxgate compass connects to the nke bus and it feeds the system with the magnetic compass heading value. The mounting location must be free from any magnetic influence (VHF, high power cables, radar, etc.). The 10° step compensation ensures an accurate heading. Compass heading reference is one of the key functions necessary for calculating true wind direction.

The fluxgate compass comes with a 6 meter TOPLINE cable and a bracket for bulkhead mounting.

A system that includes a speed sensor, a wind sensor and a fluxgate compass can process the data to display:

True Wind direction
VMG on the selected route,

Dead reckoning

bearing and distance to Man Over Board


Dimensions (Ø x H): 70 x 41.8 mm
Consumption: 25 mA

Resolution: 1°

Weight: 200 g (without cable)

Cable: 6 m

Power supply: 10 to 16VDC

Consumption: 25mA - Résolution : 1°

Waterproof protection: IP67

Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C


The Ultrasonic Speedsensor without rotating parts is giving you an accourate Boatspeed and watertemperature. You can cover the Sensor with Antifouling paint, with his construction you will have no resistence in Water at all, so perfect for surfing.

  • 31 mm Inside Diameter
  • 40 mm Inside Diameter with Adaptor
  • Weight......................160 gr
  • Throughhull Diameter 50 mm
  • Speed-Range ................0.3 to 50 Knots
  • Kabel ............................... 10 m
  • Workingtemperature...... -10 to +50°C
  • Messbereich Wassertemperatur: -10 bis +50°C
  • Consumption ..... 35mA
  • Voltage ..................... 12 Volts
  •  (Order Nr. 31-34-001)


The Sensor is also working without rotating Parts, just 3 Screw Heads to mesure the Boatspeed in Water. Compared to the Ultrasonic Speed Sensor you can not cover the Sensor with Antifouling, and you have to keep the Sensor proper to make it work properly, no grease or dirth to work exact. 


  • Septh :IP67
  • 2 Meter Cabel with connection plug for Interface.
  • Weight : 700 gr.
  • Workingtemperature : -10°C to +50°C.
  • Speedrange: 0 to 35 Knots
  • Mesure range Watertemperature: -10 to +50°C
  • Installation with throughhull 31 mm Inside diameter 31 mm                   Outside Diameter 43 mm
  • (Best.Nr. 90-60-344).

Paddelwheel Sensor   

The Paddelwheel Sensor is mesures the Boatspeed with a paddelwheel in the water. You can take the Sensor out of the throughull for cleaning.


  • Depth: IP67
  • Cablelength:  6 m
  • Weight : 700 gr
  • Workingtemperature : -10°C to +50°C
  • Mesure Area: 0 to 50 Knots
  • Temperatur Area : 0°C to +50°C
  • Installiert im Borddurchlass Innendurchmesser 31 mm und 50 mm Außendurchmesser
  • (Best Nr. 31-35-001)


The Echosounder provides you Depth in meters or feet.  and will be connected the NKE BUS through the . It is connected to the system via a "Interface Log Sounder" junction box linked to the TOPLINE bus.


  • Depth : IP67
  • Cabel: 6 Meter
  • Weight : 700 gr
  • Workingtemperature: -10°C bis +50°C
  • Mesureing Area: up to 50 Meter
  • Installation im Throughhull Borddurchlass 41 mm Innen-  und 50 mm im Aussendurchmesser
  •  (Best. Nr.  31-35-002)

Interface Log Sounder 

The Interface is connecting your Echosounder and your Log with your NKE BUS. Connectable are Paddelwheel, Electromagnetic or Ultrasonic Sensor.

Interface Dual Log Sounder

With the Interface Dual Loc Sounder you can connect two speed Sensors. It works like the usuall Interface. On large Ships it can be necassary to install a speed Sensor on Starbord and Port, for expample on Catamarans, Trimarans or large monohulls. You can choose the Port or Starbord Sensor manually or automatically with the Windangle Sensor.

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